Helping children grow, Better

Helping children grow, Better
Why cant Childhood Diabetes be treated with oral pills.

Posted on - 24-01-2019

Children's with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or childhood diabetes( Type-1 Diabetes)require regular insulin injections. More commonly they need to be injected insulin four times a day and understandably this aspect of diabetes is the most painful one for the child as well as the parents. Add to it regular blood sugar testing that we have to do to estimate the dose requirement and blood glucose control and in this makes for a terrible number of pricks a child is getting day in and day out. No wonder every parent wants their child to be freed from these injections and daily pain. 

Modern technology has given us insulin pens and micro fine needles that make injecting insulin less painful; still an injection is an injection. Although technology has helped us reduce the pain child feels at every injection, nothing can reduce the pain a parent feels while the injecting their child or seeing the child get that injection. So the parents of these children very commonly ask me in clinics whether their child can stop injections, or till when will he require injections or isn't there an oral treatment like a tablet or oral insulin .